The Valley EP

by Narrowed

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released November 3, 2012

All songs by Narrowed (Charlie, Chris, Sam)
All songs mixed and mastered by Skylar Caporicci



all rights reserved


Narrowed Las Vegas, Nevada

Fast, aggressive, honest music from Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlie, Chris, Ian and Sam.

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Track Name: Hey Soph
Hey Soph! Do you remember me? I used to be the one that you'd go home to every night but things change. I swear that I'm okay with that but I can't rectify the fact that we don't talk no more. I only want to see you happy!
Track Name: Tidal Waves
These streets and Rhodes. . . this town is not our home. Pain comes in tidal waves. Bright lights outshine the days. And I fade away. And now the emptiness grows and I feel the pain that only Vegas kids know. Because this valley is filled with ghosts. Every time I come back home and try to live the way I chose you always say I move too fast so this is what I'll do: I'll slow it down for you. I'll slow it down so you can know the truth. This city only held me back and the sun is bent on beating me down but I will be okay.
Track Name: Miles Away
Aggression, this is what I feel. Now all I feel is rage. You calculate and lie in wait to slip into my place. And I was so naive, I tried to be your loyal friend but when push came to shove you just betrayed me in the end again. I picked up to find myself and you were on my trail but I swear I'll never be like you 'cause you can only fail. And I'll never stop singing this song until you're buried in the ground where you belong. Fake! Fake! (Fake!) You liar! Adding fuel to this fire that's been raging in my soul since I was seven years old. Now I'm done trying to be a decent human, you were never one to me. Overseas, you're on your knees for all the wrong you've done. You hide behind the guise of serving god's one/only son but you hung out with my friends and stayed with girls I used to love so nothing can protect you now, not even god above. And I swear, I'll never stop singing this song until you're buried in the ground where you belong. You grew like plaque on my teeth. And all you ever were to me was just another kid to me but you became a part of me. It's sad to say you don't belong. I'm sorry that I wrote this song but I can't get over this. I can't let go 'cause you couldn't be a friend to me.
Track Name: Tossed to the Wayside
Falling! I swear this time I think I've finally fallen (out) and when I wake up I'll be greeted by nothing. This is a cautionary tale for all those on their way down. This coffin is a bed and these maggots are my friends, I have no use for humans anymore. And this tombstone is a sign holding memories of mine to help me recall when I was a man and to mark the spot where good intentions land. A cemetery plot lies at the end of all my plans. 'Cause they get tossed to the wayside! You'd always waste time trying to show me that you care but you can't make love from something that was never really there. And you can't change my mind, no. Not this time. 'Cause you've lost your heart, I almost lost my mind. Now this is the time when my memories lie in wait to find me when I am most vulnerable and cut me down to size. Because now you bring me flowers every chance you get. The pedals riddle my grave with the smell of your regrets. Now I don't know what to say to you 'cause every bridge I’ve built has fallen through but when the end comes and your toll is due I pray you never feel the way that I do! (Like falling!) You don’t know me, I am not your friend, and if it hadn’t been for fade we would’ve never met.
Track Name: Home, For Once
I’m lost, so lost but I’ll never be far gone. I lost hope with these ropes that you tied behind my back. You tossed me in the lake but I got out for my own sake. I used to hold my tongue in fear but now I’d like to make this clear. I laid with you until my hatred grew for the person you’d become because you made yourself my enemy ‘til there was nothing left to love. And I’m done, so done with this sadness that I’ve had. I found hope ‘cause I’m close to finding my own path and I’m sick of trying to please everybody else but me. To fall in line or just be free should have never been a choice for me. Cause I’m fine now. I know that I was wrong. You’ll find out that we’re right where we belong. Cause I have come to grips with just what my life is and that’s all that I could ask for. I found my home in a room full of smoke with my whole life ahead of me, my friends right next to me. All of the people that I used to loathe have all gone away from MY FRIENDS STAY CLOSE. I have come to grips with just what my life is and that’s all that I could ask for and I can only pray that you will see one day that I am right where I belong.
Track Name: Our Ship's Manifest Before We Set Sail
So send us off with something we can sing to help us through the agony of setting sail on boats made to sink; to give us hope for broken things.
Sing da da da da da da da daaaaa. . .
We lived in homes we made from debris and you hoped the winds would let us be. But I thought of what my mother said to me. She said, hope is not a strategy. So give me something to get me by. Give me something to waste my time. Give me something to get me.