Narrowed​/​/​Southtowne Lanes

by Narrowed

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Tegisalex Mai GAWD Narrowed delivered on this album going heavier than previous albums while still keeping a lighter side that has an amazing outcome. Favorite track: Large grey clouds scooping down.
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We've been lucky enough to make a record with Southtowne Lanes. They are the better half of this record. Go BUY it.


released July 15, 2014

All songs by Narrowed.
Recorded live in July of 2014. Mixed by Professor Def and Colin at Naked City Audio. Mastered by Professor Def yup. crane your neck.
Artwork created by Will Hayward



all rights reserved


Narrowed Las Vegas, Nevada

Fast, aggressive, honest music from Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlie, Chris, Ian and Sam.

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Track Name: Hear, Here
Intoxicated by the melodies and tones, I feel the aching dissipate around my bones. And as the music swells I wish that I could stay. But in all honesty you make it easy to go away. I'm circling around the drain. Say your piece and ruin everything. I'm always waiting anticipating what you'll do next but I'm afraid to guess. While you hold tighter on to your pride, I wish you'd keep your suggestions to yourself. I said I'm always waiting anticipating what you'll do next but I'm afraid to guess. My heart sinks faster when you throw your weight around as I wade through this sea of hate. And I'm getting tired now. I swear I'm getting tired out.
Track Name: Large grey clouds scooping down
When no ones on your side and failure is on your mind, home seems like a warmth you'll never find. But bridges don't just burn. The cold is always earned. But it's a lesson that I still can't seem to learn. My bridges burn. My home is in my chest. I'm laying my heart to rest. Now there's nothing left. I made demons, they followed me. I tried but there's no hope to save. What I have left rots away. I know my toll. I made this grave. As anger turns to rage, I try to turn the page. I try to change but that feels strange. I take deep breaths, I count to ten, I'm doing what I can. Still I can't keep calm. And I hope you don't just think I'll shake my angst cause I promise, I won't. So you know. (I hope when I go that I'll see you there. But I know that I'll choke. My love is despair.) The choices I've made and the chances I've taken have landed me here. Now I am forsaken. As I find my way, my temper escapes me. But this is not hate, it's love in the making.
Track Name: Hide ya kids, Hide ya wifi
The system is designed to seat thrones and indenture servants bound by student loans. No free rides. No free minds. Set us adrift without direction or watch the money bleed. Enforce a structure built on debt and tell us, "this is what you need!" But it's a trap, a trend that stared to keep us all believing that everything must have a price and power is not for the people. I dream of leaving but I can't. I can't escape. The simple truth is that the surest way to control the future is to own the youth. Complacent, indifferent, dependent and numb we march in our sleep to the beat of their drum. If ignorance is strength, war is peace and freedom is slavery what I don't know can't hurt me. So I'll keep flying blind. I won't waster your time. I'll do what I'm told like all of those before me. It's best this way. Sit down, put the blind fold on, bind your hands and feet and repeat after me, "I am free! I have no need for my eyes to see or mind to think!" It makes me want to tear the roof off this place cause I think there's a better way. But I guess the lesson learned is, knowledge ain't cheap and life's not free.