Thick Skull

by Narrowed

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released June 20, 2013

These are four songs we're really proud of
All songs by Narrowed
All recorded live on June 2nd, 4th, and 8th
All songs engineered, mixed, and mastered by professional bad ass and amateur magician Jonas Vece
Album artwork by Chelsie Ellingboe



all rights reserved


Narrowed Las Vegas, Nevada

Fast, aggressive, honest music from Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlie, Chris, Ian and Sam.

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Track Name: Found
My generation has been deemed lost
But it's hard to find many kids my age who seem to mind.
Stacked up against statistics we're allegedly behind
But late blooming seems to be a trend
When the youth are flying blind.

So I’ll pay no attention to the scholars “who know best”
Because while people with degrees stay at home
I work with my hands
And I’m not helpless.

But there are those who would have us lose our focus
And even now their profit-driven schemes engross us.
Corporations tell us how are paychecks should be spent
But they fall silent when asked where all their bailout money went.
Enough! I’ve seen this before!
If that’s reaching for the stars, I’ll shoot for the floor.
I won’t fund their “american dream” anymore!

I’m found.
Track Name: Try Hard
I try hard to be delicate.
I always fuck things up
Because a hammer has no tact.
I smash everything like that.
So, I’ve been fighting every day to keep that person far away
But I’ve been seeing him around.

I try hard to be elegant but I always end up falling on my face.
I wonder what it’d be like if I were given grace.
To fall into place?

But I’ve watched any hope get washed away
By rage that covers me in constant waves.
And I’ve watched everyone I love pack up and walk away.
“Why don’t you take it down a notch?”
I’m trying not to lose my head but every time I take a step
It seems it’s in the wrong direction
And I’m already behind when I start.

You figure I’d get tired of trying.
Track Name: Swing
I still believe that I can fight through anything
But I’d kill to be someone who doesn’t have to swing
I just hope it’s not like this forever.

Growing up I felt I had been left behind.
So, I moved away out on my own
Where friends were hard to find.
And I miss my home but I can’t go back
Because I’ve navigated too far
Away from its warmth.
And all I have are broken memories
Of my time spent inside.

And I feel sick and I feel ill
But there’s not prescription to fill.
There are no pills for me
I’m so depressed; I’m down on E
But my will to breathe will not be hindered by my grief.

I just hope you know that I’m just trying to be
The best that I can and I believe
That just as the sun goes down and comes up again
I have a chance each day to shine light into this world
And I just hope it makes a difference.

And I hope you know that I’m just trying.
Track Name: Sorry I'm Not
I’m sorry I’m not ready yet again.
All my clocks have been an hour slow since winter’s ill-timed end.
I’m just waiting for the fallback to begin
And my complacency to be remedied when I finally sleep in.

I’m sick of always making up excuses why I’m not.
So, don’t wait up for me.

I never wanted anyone to teach me how to swing.
I’ll strike out on my own.
I never wanted anyone to tell me how to think, no.

I think the idea is finally setting in:
If we all play our roles we’ll just get caught up in the spin
And you can’t win as long as you serve someone else
Without ever thinking for yourself.

I said don’t wait up.

I never wanted anyone to teach me how to swing.
I’ll strike out on my own.
I never wanted anyone to tell me how to think.
I’ll find out on my own.
I never wanted anyone to show me how,
How to lead the life that I live now
I never wanted anyone to teach my how to swing.
I’ll strike out on my own!