On to Something Else

by Narrowed

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Carly thumbnail
Carly The energy of this band live is phenomenal. Although I enjoy the recording, it doesn't do them justice. Happy to support some local boys! Favorite track: Joy in the Mourning.
B. R. Leyva-Mena
B. R. Leyva-Mena thumbnail
B. R. Leyva-Mena Well, first of all these great men have been making music together since I was in the eighth grade, I am now a college graduate. I have been following their evolving punk music for years.This album really was no disappointment, "Joy in the morning" and "Let me off the planet' are my favorite two tracks, the musicality and lyricism are not lacking. Enjoy I listen to it at least once a day thoroughly. Favorite track: Joy in the Mourning.
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The debut full-length from Narrowed


released March 25, 2016

All music by Narrowed
Narrowed is Charlie Blasco (Vocals/Bass), Sam Blasco (Guitar/Vocals), Ian Floyd (Guitar/Vocals), and Chris Sanchez (Drums)
Drums recorded by Chris Duggan at Camel Hump Studios
Guitars and bass recorded by Chris Duggan at Casa de Duggan
Vocals, additional guitars, and additional percussion recorded by Ronald Corso and Mike Weller at National Southwestern Recordings
Mixed by Mike "Monetary Michael" Weller
Mastered by Mike Lavin



all rights reserved


Narrowed Las Vegas, Nevada

Fast, aggressive, honest music from Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlie, Chris, Ian and Sam.

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Track Name: I Love Missing Out
The lights were bright and life was coursing through the air
They always say “Man, you should have been there!”
But I just don’t care
I just don’t care

Because in my head there’s no despair,
In my head when you’re not there
Track Name: Henderson Wants to Secede from the Union
This life will do
This life (This life will do for now)

Let me die before the underground
And bathe in waves of sound
I breathe the smoke in
And the sun is still bent on beating me down
Burning through my skin
And boiling what’s within
I feel no love for the person I have been
But killing what I hate in me leaves nothing left to live

‘Cause I’ve been living my dream and trying to wake up
I keep filling my pipe and draining my cup
I’m doing my best to keep my mouth shut
But it’s hard and getting harder as the weight keeps piling on
And all my friends say “Stay positive”
But I’m positive that my life is fucked

There's no hope for me
There's no hope

If you’re trapped inside your head
And all your thoughts lead to dead ends
And if you feel like you can’t stand another second there
Get comfortable and settle in
Get comfortable in your own skin

What goes up must come down and not the other way around
(What goes up, it must come down,
And I’m coming down man, I’m coming down)

I want out…
Track Name: Let Me off the Planet
I found a cave outside town and I'm not creeping out. I'm gone like yesterday and I want to stay that way.

Every day and every night it's always there, all this weight.

I'm the hermit crab who graduated to a smaller shell. I'm the guard with the keys to my own padded cell. I feel like the last note of the last line of the hymn that's sung in hell and I could live through this and learn but I think I'd rather burn.

Sinking into my black hole as gravity takes hold but if you let me off the planet I would float away from all this weight. I want to go up there. I want to go beyond the air but there's no space for me there.

Now landlocked has new meaning.
Track Name: Simple
“I’m going to make it this time”
As if making it is that great
Watching life undo everything you’ve built
And hoping for a break but only catching one after the fall
Yeah, I know it well

So simply put, yet hard to say:
What's simply put is hard to take

Maybe I became infatuated with this idea of failing
So I wouldn’t have to bother
And I gave it a try, barely skating by
But mediocrity looks so much better on you than on me

I am done waiting around for you to let me down
I’ve been dreaming, wasting sleep
And making nothing out of something real

I wish this were simple
I wish this was simple
I wish that life could just be simple like a ‘90s song
Four chords and a hook that goes on and on
Why is nothing ever simple?
I wish this was...
Track Name: It's A Sledgehammer
I’m missing the mark
I’ve been running in the dark
I’m in the scene but it’s the wrong play
I say what I mean but my words don’t stay
And it’s been so long since I've made a move
The sweat on my back means nothing to you

Your mind is a room
And I'm just passing through

Your mind is a room
And I’m just passing through

You came back just to realize why you left
And now that you’ve figured it out
I hope you can get some rest
Sleep this nightmare off
Sleep in and begin to twist the knife

Would you cut me open now?
Would you cut me open?
How I want to feel you
Cut me open
Track Name: Spiritual Fingerblasting
Bathe your head in the chemical wash
Your brain created to keep you in love
With "something greater"
See what you want to
I know you want to believe
The words are true
But I swear there’s no saving you

Kneel and bow, hold me down
Kneel and bow, hold us down

It’s not some love that makes this real
It’s not by grace that we are here
There is no answer to your fears
The questions only grow with years
You aren’t exempt from fading out

See what you want to
I know you want to believe
Track Name: When Pigs Fly
When pigs fly
The subtle difference between the thugs on the street and crooked cops on the beat
Is that we pay the latter to kill and for the former to rot or bleed
(Bleed out in the streets)
And the lights go out one by one
Innocent voices silenced by guns
Pigs pass judgment with lethal force
But there’s no tears shed, no remorse

But I see the shame in wasting life
I see shame in macing people who march for their rights
And I see shame in painting crimes in black in white
All I see is shame

This could go on but it will end
The new age will “free” the old one’s head
This could go on but it will end
The new age will “free” the old one’s head

“Keep your hands where we can see them.
Don’t ask why, just comply.
Fit in or bang out.”

No hope, no trust, no peace
When pigs fly
Speak your mind and die
When pigs fly
No hope, no trust, no peace
When pigs fly
Speak your mind and die
When pigs fly
Track Name: Is That Punk You're Wearing?
You’ve never looked so strange
You can’t fool yourself but you give it hell
And I’m sure you’d like to speak your mind
But original thoughts seem hard to find

Oh, it’s so tragic
So fucking graffic
You spill your guts for the cause

Forget yourself, puff up your chest
Just make sure that everyone can see
Forget yourself, puff up your chest
Just make sure that everyone can see
How tough you are
And how punk you are

But you ought to know that no one’s watching you
Watching you I swear they see straight through
And I promise, oh I promise
No one’s watching me, not watching me

No one’s watching you (no one)
Track Name: Inner Loot
I’ve been living the experiment
And practicing medicine on myself
But the chemicals aren’t working now
And it feels like I’ve been coming down all year

I’ve been waiting for a change in me
Wading through this misery
But I’ll wade no more
I can wait no more

Because I’m on to something else now
On to something else
One to something else now
On to something else
Track Name: Joy in the Mourning
If I could take your pain and swallow it up
I would choke it down, I would choke it down
And if I could make the grey clouds pass I would
But I can’t so now I will stay constantly away
I will stay constantly away

As strange as it sounds I miss the couch
I miss waking up with a cigarette
Half-smoked in my mouth
I miss being there
I miss being young and scared and unprepared

But I will find joy in the morning
And joy in the dusk
And joy in the mourning
Of what’s left of us
What’s left?
What’s left of us?
What is left?

I wish I was strong
Strong enough to take away your pain
Strong enough to take away your pain
Track Name: On to Something Else
Save your plans, keep up
The sequence never stops
Leave your doubts, get love
Hold me breath for what?

I know
I want it too
Slowly, start to move away
On to something else like that’s a change

Slowly now,
(Start to move away)
You wouldn’t want to fool yourself
You’ll always be you somewhere else
Slowly now,
You wouldn’t want to fool yourself
You’ll always be you somewhere…

Run and hide, scour your mind
For a place to escape who and what you are
Diving deeper and deeper but the void only grows
All this constant searching for lost self and soul
And you’re coming up empty again
You’re coming up empty

I’m coming up empty again
I’m coming up empty